I’m an ecologist interested in enhancing land management and restoration with a trait-based perspective on plant community dynamics.  Much of my work has focused on using the traits of seeds and seedlings to explore the diversity of ecological strategies during the earliest stages of plant life (i.e. when and how plants form seedbanks, germinate, and recruit).  I’m interested in whether these plant regeneration strategies are related to plant growth/survival, plant community dynamics, and related changes in ecosystem function over time.

I’m always interested in hearing about potential collaborations! Check out my Projects & Publications pages to see what I’ve been working on recently.



I am currently a doctoral student in the Suding Lab at the University of Colorado in beautiful Boulder, CO.  Before that, I worked on drivers of seedling recruitment in Oregon rangelands (M.S.) and trait-based ecology  in California coastal sage scrub systems with the Funk Lab at Chapman University.

Mentoring students in research and management-related experiences has always been an important priority of mine (especially for students underrepresented in STEM). For more on this and student opportunities to get involved in our research, check out my Teaching & Student Mentorship page.


julie.e.larson [at] colorado [dot] edu